Glazing seal - 11,20x14,50 mm

Caoutchouc Thermoplastique Elastomère

Glazing gasket, outer domensions 11,2 mm x 14,5 mm, to fit glass or metal sheets in aluminium, steel, stainless- steel profile. Minimum groove width 10 mm, mininum depth 9,5 mm. Bondable & weldable. Ok with glass, stainless-steel, steel, aluminium, carbon, fiber-glass, tôle perforée, PVC, polycarbonate, plexiglass, timber, chipboard, composite, perforated metal sheets.


Technical Data

Overall Dimension L1 (mm) 11.2
Overall Dimension L2 (mm) 14.5
Main Functional Dimension (L3) (mm) 7
Main Functional Dimension (L4) (mm) 10
Dimension L5 (mm) 9.5
Dimension L6 (mm) 2.4
Dimension L7 (mm) 12