Veranda & conservatory gasket - 31x14 mm

Caoutchouc Thermoplastique Elastomère

Gripping seal for 31 mm par 14 mm, for verandas and conservatories. Fastened by clipping on aluminium, steel, stainless-steel or timber sheet in order to grip glass, polycarbonate, plexiglas, PMMA, self-cleaning glazing. Compatible withs silicone sealants & mastics (see chemical compatibilities data sheets).


Technical Data

Overall Dimension L1 (mm) 31
Overall Dimension L2 (mm) 14
Main Functional Dimension (L3) (mm) 6
Main Functional Dimension (L4) (mm) 7.7
Dimension L5 (mm) 28
Dimension L6 (mm) 2.5