Façade d'immeuble


When building new constructions as well as for renovation, we are your reference in field of building waterproofing :
seals for window, facade, interior partition, floor dilatation, deck, garage, interior door, exterior door, entrance door, ventilation, railing, handrail, lift, terrace, gate, wicket door, concrete dilatation, wooden facade, skirting boards, swimming pool, jacuzzi, swimming pool shelter, waterproofing membrane, roof, gutter, veranda, garden shed…

Public works profiles

Public works

Seals are essential elements in public works, whether for work finalisation or construction. Expansion, protection and damping play a major role :
bridge expansion seals, manholes, flooring expansion, floor marking, formwork seals, banching, flowerbed borders, concrete borders, tennis courts, miniature golf formwork, skate parks…

Van protection


We produce various seals, protection and damping gaskets for the entire transport sector :
car, collection vehicule, motorbike, truck, van, train, bus, tramway, plane, airport footbridge, trailer, refrigerated trailer, van, waste treatment, shock protection, bicycle, scooter, platform shock absorber.

Maritime fender

Maritime and nautical

We meet the requirements of the maritime sector by offering a wide range of seals, damping and protection gaskets :
quay fender, bumper for boat, liston, shock absorber for outboard motors, watertightness of trunk, wood finishing gasket, porthole gasket for yacht, teak deck gasket for sailboat, skirt protection, bow protection, lock, cofferdam, sluice…

profiles solar panel industry


Thanks to our expertise and experience, we offer profiles that meet all needs of the industrial sector :
seals for special machine, robot, sheet metal edge protection, shock protection, dock bumpers, storage rack protection, shelf protection, personal protection (helmet, clothing…), packaging, recyclable packaging, furniture, weighbridge, scales…

Blue food contact profile

Food contact

As our food contact seals meet FDA and CE 1935/2004 and 10/2011 requirements,  they are multiple :
packaging gaskets, industrial kitchen, refrigerator door, tank gasket, inflatable gasket, vibrating sieve, scraper, suction or blowing hood, clean room door gaskets…

Profile for the medical sector

Medical and paramedical

We respond to the rigour required in the medical and paramedical sector :
packaging gaskets, tourniquet, skirting board, shock protection…