Universal groove cover - 8,10x27,80 mm

Caoutchouc Thermoplastique Elastomère

Patented universal groove cover profile. Able to compensate grooves dimensional changes, dyes wear, various paint thickness. Suitable to groove from 21 mm to 24 mm. Top width 27,8 mm, minimum groove depth 8,1 mm. For profiles in aluminium, steel, stainless-steel, PVC, timber, wood-alu, composite. Bondable & weldable by corner or end-to-end.

Technical Data

Overall Dimension L1 8.1
Overall Dimension L2 27.8
Main Functional Dimension (L3) 17
Main Functional Dimension (L4) 2.9
Dimension L5 17
Dimension L6 2.4
Dimension L7 25.8
Dimension L8 22.5
Dimension L9 21
Dimension L10 24